7 Foods that are harmful for your brain & mental health

Your brain is responsible for your heartbeat, breathing and all the other systems in your body. It’s very important to keep your brain healthy and working normally. There are some harmful foods which can affect your brain. They impact on your memory and can change your mood in a bad way. But it’s all in your hands. You can cut this food from your diet and reduce the risk of such disease. In this article, we will reveal 7 worst foods for your brain.


harmful food: alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol can have serious side effects on your brain and health. People who consume alcohol in their diet regularly for a long time, their brain results in a reduction of brain volume, disruption of neurotransmitters, and metabolic changes. A brain disorder called Wernicke’s encephalopathy can develop in people who consume alcohol too much. This syndrome can cause severe damages to the brain. It can affect one’s eyesight including memory loss, confusion and unsteadiness.  You should avoid excessive alcohol consumption to avoid such complications especially if you are a teenager or young adult. It would be best to avoid alcohol if you are pregnant.

How Sugary drinks increase risk for diabetes

harmful food: sugary drinks

Beverages like energy drinks, packed fruit juices, and sport drinks are full with refined sugar. Their high intake can boost your diabetes risk and heart disease. It can badly affect your brain. Excessive intake of these drinks can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and it leads to increase the risk of disease called “Alzheimer’s “. These beverages are not just harmful for your brain but also affect your formation of brain neurons, memory, and learning skills. High intake of these drinks may increase the risk of dementia.

Extremely high processed foods will damage your brain

white and red labeled pack on shelf

Foods that are highly processed tend to be high in fat, salt, and sugar. Chips, fries, Microwave popcorn, instant noodles, sweets, and readymade meals are included in such foods. These foods definitely are high in calories and low in healthy nutrients. These foods can cause gaining your weight and this can affect your brain health. A recent study of 52 people found that a diet high in unhealthy ingredients results in lower level of sugar metabolism in the brain. These factors can also produce the disease of “Alzheimer’s “disease.  These types of diets may increase the risk of brain inflammation.

Why are trans-fats so bad for you?

sweet biscuits

Artificial Trans fats are found in margarine, snack foods, frosting, shortening, pre packed cookies, and readymade cakes. This type of saturated fats can have deleterious effect on your brain health. Such fatted foods should be avoided as they effect many other aspects of health including heart health and brain inflammation. Studies have shown that high intake of such fats can reduce the production of serotonin in the brain. It can lead to depression and can affect memory. Such saturated Trans fats can affect your heart and also very bad for your brain. A study of 6000 woman found that those who ate the most saturated fat had the worst thinking ability and memory over the time.

Why Refined Carbs are bad for your brain

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Large amount of refined carbs affects one’s memory, learning ability, and can cause depression. Refined sugar and white flour all are included in refined carbohydrates. Excessive use of these carbs in brain and blood shown to decrease a brain chemical called as brain derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). This can also make you to overreact, gaining weight and it leads insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. High carbs diets are also linked with heart diseases, obesity, mood disorder, hypertension, hyperactivity, and even suicide in teenagers.

White rice is a harmful food if you eat it too much

harmful food: rice

White rice is also in the list of refined carbs. It’s one of the worst things you can eat for your brain. White rice and certain grained products have been proven to have a dangerous effect on your brain health. A study published by the American journal of clinical nutrition found that foods with high glycemic index can increase risk of depression in post-menopausal women.

Processed fruit juices

harmful food: Processed fruit juices

Yes, I am talking about canned, store bought fruit juices. You may start your morning with a glass of fruit juice thinking that this is fresh and healthy but you are doing more harm than good to your mental health. Packed juices have more calories and sugar which is very bad for your brain. A study published in Journal of Neuroscience showed that high sugar diet can lead to a significant decline in cognitive function. Fresh homemade fruit juice is best. So always extract fresh homemade juice to start your morning.

I hope this article will help you to set a healthy diet plan. Stay connected for more informational write-ups. Share your thoughts by commenting below, Thank you!

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