9 Toxic Behaviors that can Ruin Your Life

There are certain toxic behaviors that have guts to suck your happiness and joy and replace it with anxiety, stress, anger, and other such feelings. Such behaviors do nothing good for you but put you down and cause you to suffer. These behaviors cause negative impression on your mental health and don’t make you a happy person. You don’t even figure out your behavior until it makes you and others (living with you) life hell. You may even don’t want to point out your “toxic behaviors”.

Most of us at some point of life experience some kind of toxic behaviors. Sometimes it’s you who cause to ruin relationships, friendships, and families with your toxic behaviors and when it’s not you, it’s other’s behavior that can end the relationships. We are not perfect and the good news is that we don’t need to be. At any point of our life we make mistakes and we take stupid decisions. We often say the things to our loved ones that can hurt them and are hard to take back.

So, this is how humans are. We do mess up things, we learn in every step of our life. If you hurt someone with your words or actions and then regret it badly, you are not a toxic person. Toxic person are others. They don’t even care who they hurt. They never self-reflect. Being toxic is your own choice. In this article, I’ll share some toxic behaviors that can make you worse and toxic person. Keep scrolling down to read all of them!

Toxic Behavior #1: The habit of lying

Relationships are built with trust. No matter which relation, all types of relationships need trust to maintain. Lies can destroy your relationships. This is one of the most toxic behavior that anybody can have. You need to be honest. Honesty can be difficult sometimes. But it’s for your strong relationships and happiness. Liars can never be trusted. Lies never remain covered. At any later date, your lies will be discovered and the consequences can be worse. Always speak truth even if it’s going to hurt. It’s 100% better than lying. You can never get peace if you lie to anybody. People can also lie to themselves. But lies can never make you satisfied.

Toxic Behavior #2: Being selfish

Selfishness can only make people to stay away from you.  Selfishness can make you a worst person. People who once have cared for you, never care for you again next time. If you keep focusing only on your own interest and desires, it leads to destroy respect and trust you have with superficial relationships.

Toxic Behavior #3: Cheating on others

This is just another bad habit. Cheater can never be trusted. If you cheated in exams, in a relationship or in other parts of life. It will give your mind no benefit but in long-term life it will haunt you. It will make your mind feel like it has weigh upon your head for the rest of life.

Toxic Behavior #4: Judging others in a bad way

“When you judge others, you don’t define them but you define yourself”. Judgement is a choice. You make it by yourself. Judgements are of two kinds. Positive and negative. Positivity never hurts anybody else and not you.  But… judging somebody’s character in a wrong manner is never acceptable. Don’t judge others without any reason, otherwise you will also be judged by others. Never judge others to just make you feel satisfied. That judgment will harm you more than the person you judge.

Toxic Behavior #5: Feeling jealousy

When you feel jealous, you are believing that other person is better than you and at a better place in life. Jealousy is kind of fear that you are not good enough. It’s a pretty terrible thing. It’s like a cycle. The more you feel it, the more it will destroy your life. Don’t get jealous about what they have and you lack of it. Jealousy is a normal human emotion. It’s you who make this terrible. If your jealousy is just an insecurity, that can be fine. But if your jealousy is like: “why he/she getting success” or “why he is getting promoted and not me” This type of jealousy is a worst thing you can do for yourself and others.

Toxic Behavior #6: Always blaming others for your mistakes

Stop blaming others. Accept your mistakes. People feel very comfortable to blame others. This is not normal human behavior to shift the burden of your own mistakes to next person. When we perform any fault, it takes a lot of courage to stand up and admit it. It’s easy to put it all on other person. Be strong enough to accept your blunders. Learn to apologize and learn from your mistakes rather than blaming others.

Toxic Behavior #7: Keeping it all inside

Speak this out. Speak out when you disagree with next person. It’s not just bad actions that make our life toxic, but it is when you keep it all inside yourself. It’s harming your well-being. Don’t allow others to dictate you. Your life shouldn’t be forced. You have the right to regard your feelings and opinions. We cannot be agreed with everyone all the time. There are certain times when we need to speak up for our rights. So stand for it.

Toxic Behavior #8: Not taking proper care for yourself

Toxic Behavior #8: Not taking proper care for yourself

This is totally obvious behavior. You are must be doing it. Neglecting ourselves can lead to long-term unhappiness. Whether it’s about your body care or about the state of your mind.  Just feeling guilty of not caring yourself properly won’t change the game. You need to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Otherwise it can impact and damage your long-term term life.

Toxic Behavior #9: Over-using of latest technology

Toxic Behavior #9: Over-using of latest technology

Most of the latest innovation are helpful and harmless. It’s us who have made this harmful. Over using anything is harmful and devastating. As today’s life, we spend our most of the precious time in playing video games or watching social media. It’s impacting our life badly. So, we need to keep this in check, otherwise it will rule our lives.

Hope you’ve got some precious advises today. Always keep in check with your changing behaviors. Keep happy, stay happy. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments’ section below. Thanks!

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