Brain games: Do they really work?

There are many theories about this concept. Brain-boosting games may have some benefits. There are countless games or puzzles that claim to increase your brain power. Many experts have doubts about this. Some studies have found that the brain gaming improves the memory, brain’s executive functions, and processing speed. While on other side, there are also debates that there are no such evidences and these brain games have no benefits for brain.

What are brain games?

Brain training games are specially made for players who want to boost their brain and memory. They have such tasks for the player to complete, that are believed to boost your cognitive skills, memory, logic, attention, focus, and thinking ability. There are also some puzzle games that are designed to stimulate thinking. They include puzzles as crosswords or scribble. Other games Chess, bridge or Sudoku. Brain boosting games are not only video games but also include creative skills like playing instruments, painting, or learning language etc.

Do they actually work?

If you are playing brain boosting games thinking that they will improve your ability of cognitive skills, you are might wrong.  You might get better skills on those games, but it’s doubtful that they will increase your ability to improve your performance at work. There are many researches that have shown no significant benefits in improving memory skills. It also depends on the games you play, which kind of game you are playing? How long you play them? How often you play them? It can also be like, some people who played same games and showed some cognitive improvement while others who played same game didn’t show. But we needed more researches in order to get the exact formula for brain improving   success.

Do brain games improve memory?

Do brain games improve memory?

In this aspect, most experts do agree while few don’t. Brain boosting games can sharpen thinking skills. Some studies claimed that cognitive training can improve many aspects of your memory especially for people who are in middle age or older. Brain training games can help older people to manage their daily task better. But long-term studies are needed in this aspect too.

How do they work?

You may constantly playing them in hope to get the miraculous benefits, but you may get disappointed. If you continuously playing video games, chances are they can change the way your brain works. Our brain is a curious organ. Researches are just at its beginning to understand all of its functions. Our brain changes every time. Every little activity you do, it impacts on your brain, and so are games.  When you are playing brain boosting games, your brain is continuously adopting itself to increase and improve its performance.

Can these games improve cognitive decline?

Can brain games improve cognitive decline?

Brain boosting games can improve age-related cognitive decline, searches showed. Millions of people around the world are developing dementia (a brain disease). So, they ask their doctors or search by themselves that how to slow memory loss process.

As a lot of people are looking for such preventing strategies, some brain boosting games have become powerful source to improve cognitive performance. But… there are also some experts that are uneasy about such claims. Physical activity can be better than these games. Physical activity can slow the process of getting cognitive decline. If you are playing these game thinking they would help you to stave off dementia,   then you may be wasting your precious time. Because this is not an obvious thing. Brain’s diseases result from several factors and many are not in control. So you shouldn’t believe these things. There are also many other things that need to be research well.

Other ways to improve brain’s power and function

Playing instruments, solving puzzles, being physically active, getting proper sleep, eating nutritional diet, having balanced lifestyle, and volunteering…these factors can help your brain to boost its function. Being physically active is so important for your brain you should exercise daily to benefit your brain and body. Getting sunlight is very good for your brain. High levels of vitamin D allow your brain to perform better.

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