How to be Happy: 15 Habits to Live a Happy and Successful Life!

Most of us struggle with stress or anxiety on daily basis. Who doesn’t like to be happy? By changing some of your habits can bring a great difference in your overall mood. Start your day with positive energy by giving others your positivity. Below is the list of things you should do every day to be happier.

Make your bed

how to be happy: making your bed is a great start

Successful people make their bed every day. Make your bed right after you woke up. Make sure to make it every single morning. It can clean up your space and make your room look more comfy and cozy space. Making bed in the morning can make you feel relaxed at night. Must try this out.

Limit your phone usage

how to be happy: limit the usage of your phone

This is the most difficult one. We all are addicted to our phones. When you wake up in the morning ask yourself to not check your phone for more than 5 minutes. Get out of the bed and start your day early.

Listen to motivational people

how to be happy: listening to motivational mentor

Listen something motivational. It’s great for your mind to listening something that is beneficial for you. Listen to positive people’s podcast or something motivational while you are getting ready or doing breakfast. It will also stop your mind to think negative thoughts about yourself or others.

Eat healthy

black and red cherries on white bowl

Eating healthy is equally important. Don’t always eat what you crave about. Eat what is healthy for you full stop stays away from sugar and greasy foods, instead its healthy fruits oatmeal eggs in the breakfast. Take your vitamins and probiotics every single day. You can still create for something unhealthy every now and then but keep their limit once in a week. Don’t make them your part of daily routine.

Clean up your room

white wooden table near brown chair

When your room look like a mess your mood can badly affect, and your brain can feel flattered and messy. So, get up, clean up your room, space, lighten up a candle, get stuff done right away. Put away your laundry. Keep all the things in right place. When your room is clean you will feel tidy and feel better. Lightning up a candle brings positive energy. Scented candles can be a good vibe. So, try this out.


how to be happy: hit the gym regularly

Workout daily or at least 45 minutes in a week. There are many ways to work out. It’s not about going to Jim. There are so many opportunities to work out. You can take online workout classes. Workout is great for your mood. It can make you feel great, motivated, awake, and make you feel full of energy.

Write something motivational

person writing on a book

This is a quiet little thing but can be helpful. Write something on your mirror like:

  • Stay motivated
  • Positive mindset
  • Eat healthy
  • Positive energy

Things like this can shift your mindset every single day.


closeup photo of ballpoint pen near camera

Making your to-do-list can helpful. Plan that what you will do during all your day. Try to accomplish all the things you want. You will love the feeling of getting all your things done in a single day.

Read a book

silver iPhone 11

Books can really be helpful to grow you and your mind. Books are your best friends. When you feel that your mind is full and you don’t have anybody to listen to you, talk to books. Books can help you to learn more positively. It’s the best way to grow up.

How to be happy: Think positive

how to be happy: think positive

When you are constantly sitting, thinking negative it’s going to affect everything, your mood your energy and rest of your day. Change your mind set in a positive way. When you catch yourself thinking negatively start thinking about the blessings you have. Be thankful for God that you have a healthy body, you have home, and you have food to eat. So, try that out. You will be happier when you push out negative thoughts and bring more positivity inside.

How to be happy: Learn something new everyday

two men in suit sitting on sofa

Learn something good and positive every day. This is the best way to grow. There are many ways to learn. You can read new books listen to new podcast and read new motivational articles. Explore the world around you. Ask questions and find out their answers.

Go to bed at same time

person wearing watch at 6 o'clock

Wake up early and go to bed early. Retrain your body to go to bed at same time every day. You would be more productive, can feel the sunrise, and enjoy your morning routine.

How to make others happy: Give a compliment

three men and one woman laughing during daytime

Performing acts of kindness can make you feel happy and satisfied. It’s a quick and easy way to brighten up somebody’s day by simply saying something good. It will also boost your happiness. Be respectful to others while giving compliments to their appearances. Look in the person’s eyes and tell them with a smile so they know that you really mean it.

How to be happy in life: Get out and explore the nature

woman in white shirt and black pants walking on gray concrete bridge during daytime

Walking in green places can help boosting your mood. It also helps lower blood pressure and depression. By Green places I mean anything like your grassy backyard, your garden, park etc. Any place like this can make you appreciate nature and fresh air. So, get outside daily and get benefits from nature. It will work like charm on your overall health and mood.

Self-Care is equally important

how to be happy: take care of proper grooming

In this fast-place world it’s obvious to neglect self-care. But it’s essential for your body, spirit, and peace of mind. Adopt a proper skin care routine that makes you feel indulgent. Unwind your week by giving yourself a long warm and relaxing bath. Put on your comfy clothes and relax yourself. Make time for such routines at least in a week.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

how to be happy: stay motivated

Everything takes time. Be patient. Retraining your mind requires a lot of patience. Don’t let your yesterday’s mistakes keep you away from right things today. Today is your day. So, continue this process. Keep hustling, keep going. It took a lot of time to retrain your body and habits. Work hard and you will be there. Once you are there, you can help others to get there too. Give your positive energy to others and take theirs in yourself.

I hope today’s article helped you well, have something to discuss or share just let us know by commenting below, Thank you!

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