How to start exercising routine? | 10 Helpful Tips to kick start daily exercising

As we all know, there are many reasons to do exercise. Exercise improves our mood, sleep, energy level, and overall health including reducing stress, depression and anxiety. It’s not enough to just know that why exercise is important? Making exercise part of your daily routine really helps your hard work and nice approach. In today’s era we all are very busy, and it seems to be difficult to take time for exercise. There are so many easy steps to follow to make your exercise routine fun and less boring. In this article, I will let you know that how you can enjoy exercise every day.

Benefits of Exercise

benefits of an exercising routine

You will begin to see the difference soon after you start exercising. Your all-physical activity will get improved and you’ll be more active than ever. It requires your determination to stick to exercise in the long-term. Exercises are also great way to achieve the perfect body weight you want for yourself. It’s also best for your muscles and brain health and its lower the risk of your chronic diseases. It helps you to maintain your energy levels at its best. If we take it in one sentence “Exercises can change the way your life is”.

Start Gradually

plan an exercising routine

We all have plans for our life even we make plans for our days. Same as make a plan that consist achievable goals and steps. Make an easy routine at start and gradually build your best routine according to your goal. In this way your fitness level will improve gradually. Start with easy exercises and less tiring runs and when you can do easy steps, add more difficult steps and long runs. It will keep you motivated as well as it’s the best thing to enhance your chances of success.

Look at your health first

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Never compromise on your health. Keep your health at first. If you feel any type of pain, dizziness, nausea, breathing issues, or any other problems with your body, stop the exercise, take a break and rest. Don’t push yourself too hard, if you are feeling down, get a day or two off from workout.

Try different type of activities

man doing butterfly stroke

To keep boredom at Bay, try out different activities. Try out walking, strength training, swimming, jogging and play with equipment. This will also let every part of your body active and will strengthen every muscle of your body. Don’t practice any single exercise every day. Try out different steps every day. Exercise with music is also a great way to kill your boredom. Play your favorite music in background and it will cheer up your mood.

Set a goal for your body

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If you set a goal for example “I want this weight” or “I want a certain body” according to your wish. It will help you to make your routine. Motivation always helps us to achieve our goals. Have a clear goal and it will help you to reach to your progress and stay motivated. If you want to lose or increase weight, set your goal in mind or write that down somewhere. Writing down may encourage you to stick to your track and you might not forget your goal.

Establish a routine

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The department of Health and Human Services recommend getting 150 minutes of aerobic activity or 75 minutes vigorous aerobic activity a week for young healthy adults. This is just a guideline and if you follow greater amounts of exercises you will get greater health benefits. Set your aim and make a clear routine that you can follow. The morning exercises are the best ones. So set your alarms and get up early to get to your healthy and perfect body shape. Try doing exercises that tire your muscles, lift heavy weights according to your strength.

Small amounts are also helpful to start a exercising routine

small amounts of moving will build a good exercising routine

Kill the attitude of “do everything or nothing”. Small amounts of physical activities are also beneficial. If you don’t have enough time to follow long and heavy routine of exercises or are too busy to hit the gym, don’t leave small physical activities. Being active for little periods of time can also add healthy benefits to your body.

Give your body time

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Working out for too long or even if you are a beginner and just started your routine, it can be so tiring. So, don’t overdo and don’t make your body feel over tired. Your muscles and joints can soar or injured if you worked out intensely and for too long. Give your body proper rest it needs. Plan time between your workout and leisure time.

Make Stretching Part of you exercising routine

stretching as part of your exercising routine will protect you from injuries

Heavy weightlifting exercise training can be so tiring and difficult at start. Stretches are also important part of your workout routine. Stretching has several great benefits for your muscles. It will build great flexibility and makes your body relaxed and stress free. Stretching doesn’t require a lot of time to get the benefits. 15 minutes stretches every day can give you the magical benefits and relax your muscles as well as strengthen your muscles. Stretching is also good to keep you refresh and active all day long.


make yoga part of your exercising routine

You can practice yoga anytime you want. Yoga can keep you refresh all day long if you did it in the morning. Yoga has many great benefits for your health. Yoga is great for your back pain relief and heart health. It relaxes you and helps you to sleep better. Practice yoga every day and make it a routine.

Promise yourself to start an exercising routine

As you make promises with your loved ones and fulfill them, likewise, make a promise with yourself and stick to it. Stick to your commitment, don’t make excuses every day. Give yourself importance and your body. As Jonesburg says “if you hit snooze a few times one morning and skipped your early workout, find time to get those 30 minutes in later in the day. “Give just 30 minutes for yourself every day, as it’s not a lot of time. Have a little attitude that you are the most important person for yourself. This will help you to stick to your goal, and one day you will be at your destination and you will get the perfect healthy body you always wanted for yourself.

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