Life: How to Find Your Purpose in Life?

What is life?

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Life is something that we cannot describe in a single sentence. Life is a long journey. Everyone defines this according to their own experiences. Life is all about yourself, what you do, what you get, what you like or dislike. It is like a circle. Somebody may call it a journey of accomplishing goals. Everybody has purpose to live. Nobody is living without any purpose.

What is the true Meaning of Life?

life is a marathon

We all have this question asking to ourselves here and there. We all are curious about life. What is the true meaning of life? Life is hard. Its longest journey that never ends. As a human being we are the only conscious beings to have ever existed, but we do not even know what consciousness is. Life is like a race. If we compare ourselves to others, we might think that another person’s life is better than ours. We might think that other person has better things, better place, better foods, or better home etc. So, it is like a race of having better life. We earn to have a better life and better status. Some people do this for themselves and some for others. By saying this I meant some want to have a high status so they can show off in society. While others are in need to earn so they can at least stay alive.

What is Purpose?

For some people purpose is all about their own mission. For others it’s about their responsibilities and families. Some people get peace of mind through religious and spiritual belief. Purpose is a unique think. Everybody has different believes or goals in life. Purpose cannot remain same through your whole life. It can get changed throughout your life in response to the priorities from your own experiences. Many people claim that our purpose is to find happiness and give happiness. While other might say that their purpose is to spread love and humanity. There are also many people who do not even have a purpose.

Finding purpose in life is the central motivating aim of our life. Did you ever think that’s why we get up in the morning? Purpose is why our life is going around. It is the guidance of our life, goals, behavior, and reason of life, influence us, and create the meaning of life.

Finding a Purpose

Find out your purpose in life. Look at the things in which you find happiness for yourself. The picture of perfect life may seem like a successful career, a loving family, a wonderful house, or a strong social circle. By having all these things, you can still feel “missing” of something. And that “something” is purpose of your life. Finding a purpose is such a dream that cannot be fulfill. It is just a way to be happier and healthier that we use. It can be difficult to recognize the things you are passionate about. Sometimes you do not even realize that how important these trivial things in your life are because life becomes so ingrained.

Other people can help you in finding your passion. You might go to people and ask them what they think about you or what they remind of you. So, hear them. By hearing others what they notice about you might help you finding your purpose.

You are what you surround yourself with

Choose your Social Circle Carefully

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Think about people you choose to spend time with. Surround yourself with positivity. People around you should be positive. They should make positive change in you.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time. Positive people can inspire you. On the other hand, if you are in a company of negative people, they can drag you down. They will not make you feel passionate and purposeful. Because they are not the kind of people you should be with. Negative people do not want to make positive contributions.

Think about what you love to do in life

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Thinking is a powerful source. It can help you find your purpose. Find out what you love to do. Consider your skills while thinking. Finding purpose is not something that can be done in few days or months. It is a lifetime journey. It can change and you also can develop new proposes. Maybe you like to work in constructing your youth but now you want to join something else. You can have two proposes at a time as well.

Discover the Happy Moments in your life

Find out the moments you felt happy in your life. Make a list and keep you proposes in mind. Be clear about your life. Do not be so confused. Once you find out your goal, keep your mind constantly focused on it. We all have our inner guidance. Listen to that voice coming inside you. When you passionate about your goal, it will make you surprised by what it delivers. Think about your status and then think about where you want to be.

Focus is the Key

in life, focus is the key to success

Give all your energy to one thing at a time, instead of chasing 3, 4 goals once. By doing so, chances of your success will increase. Fix your goal with something you are passionate about. And think before you spend your money on something, be careful about what you purchase. Spend your money more on experiences. Purchase more experience. It will give deep mean to your life rather than material wealth. You will be a happier person.

The bottom line

set goals for your life

As mentioned earlier, Life cannot be defined in one sentence. It is a complicated topic. And finding a purpose of life is also a dynamic niche. The bottom line is, you should never quit achieving your goal, your purpose in life. Although, you still cannot do everything at once. Pick one thing at a time and slowly go ahead. Life is all about journey. It is not a destination. But with purpose, you will feel more joyful.

We hope you have learnt something new from this piece of writing. Comment below and let us know about what you think about life, Thanks!

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