What is Minimalism? | An Effective Way to Live a Happy Life

Minimalism is an art that started thousands of years ago. Minimalism is not about having 100 hundred things to live. It’s about having the things that you really need and use in your life. It’s about living more with less. Minimalist lifestyle doesn’t confine you. It holds a lot of great values. You don’t need to go and get rid of all the stuff you have and start living in mountains. No! And that’s the great thing about minimalism. You can choose what’s right for you and what you really need in life.  Minimalism isn’t about living with little possession, that’s just the consequences.

Minimalism is a philosophy that teaches you to live with what you have and what you need. It’s a mindset shift uncovers a much deeper truth in life: that you can live more with less. Minimalism is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself.

All our material possessions take some space in our subconscious mind knowing that “I have that thing, its kept somewhere and I have to bring it to use someday” sits in the back of your mind, subtly cluttering head without even knowing.  When you declutter materially, you not just declutter your surroundings but also your subconscious mind.  Over the past two years I got rid of most of my belongings and it shifted my mindset entirely. Now I have those materials which I really need and use in my life.

Minimalism can make you free from financial worries and you will be happier and less stressed. You all must have bunch of things that you don’t even remember that you have. As humans it’s in our nature that we all are looking for more and we don’t appreciate what we have. So have a look and declutter all the stuff that doesn’t value in your life. With the term of minimalism everyone does talk about things that they get rid of, that they don’t buy, that they don’t use and that they do a lot declutter but not so many people talk about the things that minimalist can buy more and here is the reason why? I am here talking about a bunch of things that you can have extra as a minimalist.

Go Green

people following minimalism enjoy plants and nature

Plants can be of benefit for your house and your soul. So, you should own a good number of plants. They can decorate your home and clean your air. They look so nice and bring nature inside your house. Being a minimalist, you can buy plants with no worries at all. And if you have no room in your house to keep plants, you should go for small flowery plants. The plants that can be kept in little water bottle. Plants and trees are life.

Minimalism buying Habits: High Quality

Minimalism is about quality things. People purchase things that they can afford that’s the reason there are more public in wholesale markets.  So, let’s take an example if you buy a bag for $200 that will last you for many years but if you buy a bag for $20 you need to replace it every year or couple of months. So, purchase less but go for quality things.  This also holds true for clothing or shoes or other eating stuff. You may buy a large cane of yogurt and then eat a little and throw the rest of it and waste it. This thing can never define you as a true minimalist. So, whether its clothing, food or any other item, go for quality not quantity.

Reusable items

minimalism supports the environment by using reusable items

As a minimalist go for the things that are reusable. No need of buy cleaning wipes when you can clean with a cotton cloth and rewash. It’s also ecofriendly. Go for reusable bottles and straws. This thing will not only benefit you, but it will benefit society and your country. And the most important part is that you should dispose that reusable item as described by your local administration.

Minimalism creates memories through Traveling

Being a minimalist buy more experiences because they don’t consume a house and don’t need to declutter. Consume memories and not items. You should invest money in passes, trips, going out places which can be so fantastic. Embrace minimalist traveling and get more experiences with less money.

Reading Books is an essential part of Minimalism

If you really going to spend your money on something, let it be Books. Books are greatly beneficial, and they do look nice on a bookshelf. And please, don’t put them on bookshelves, read them. You must have heard “knowledge is power”. There are many sources of knowledge, but books are the only authentic and perpetual source of knowledge. So, go and get books on your favorite topics and start reading.

Whether you want to be a minimalist or not it’s totally up to you but being minimalist can keep your mind at pace and there are some philosophies that minimalist lifestyle can do wonders for your finances. Let’s give it a try!

We hope you’ve learnt something new today. Comment below and let us know what you have in your mind. Stay blessed!

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